Latest projects

Project 01

Portrait Painting

Oil portraits with research of impressionist painting with background of chiaroscuro principle.  Paintings are made wet on wet technique, focused on brushstrokes and looks on persons eyes.

Project 02

Series of Dancers

Painting of dancers are based on my experience as a dancer. The series of dancers began in 2012 with changing topics and research of technique.

Project 03

Book Illustration

I illustrated four book illustration by now. First was Rege ali Žabje frke (Frogs and Frog Trubles) by Peter Andrej, 2015; adult poem book Dež v Gugalnici (Rain on Swing) by Mojca Andrej, 2016; Rastem do tebe (Growing towards You) by Mojca and Peter Andrej, 2018 and Life from Forest, Terapeutic children’s stories by Deni Kragelj 2018.

Project 04

Art School ART OF MY OWN

Art school is a after school activity with painting and drawing lessons for talented children (7 – 12 and 12 – 17) and adults. My approach is mostly individual, based on pupils needs. I search their best potential, helping each individual to grow artistically.

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